Friday, February 27, 2015

A Very Merry Saint Valentine's

Our St. Valentine's Day was absolutely perfect this year!  Now, I love feast days and I love sending mail so in late January I began making homemade Valentines for Felicity to send out.  They were quite fun to make and mail to Felicity's grandmas and aunts, and even a couple great great great aunts!  This is what I came up with:

After searching and searching for the perfect Valentine's Day breakfast to make for Carter I found the perfect one.  And my, oh my, was this Raspberry Amaretto Croissant French Toast both festive and scrumptious! Everyone needs to make this incredible breakfast!  I also gave Carter some dark chocolate covered espresso beans and the Shakespeare Love Mug (We have the Shakespearean Insult Mug and are huge fans).  He was quite pleased with his gifts! :)  And we then read about the saint for whom the day is celebrated.

While eating breakfast, Carter surprised me and told me he was taking me to V. Mertz for dinner -- the fanciest, most delicious restaurant located in an old alleyway, dubbed the Passageway, in downtown Omaha.  We had been only once before -- on the night of our engagement day.  

Since it was a Saturday, we went about our day as usual and I was in deep anticipation for the lovely evening ahead of us.  Carter later came home from the library with a carnation for Felicity and a beautiful letter for her to read when she is older. I melted. He also bought a flower for each of his sisters, and a pink rose for me, which he presented along with a poem. The man knows how to woo his wife.

V. Mertz was so elegant and lovely...the way they took our coats, the way they combed off our table after each course, the red rose they gave each lady at the end of the evening. The food was unsurpassable.  I can't even tell you all what we ate, it was that lavish. Each course perfectly crafted, perfectly textured, perfectly presented. We feasted on cocktails, a cheese platter, entrees, and dessert. It was utterly perfect.  Valentine's Day 2015 will be hard to top!

I told Carter that if I wasn't already married to him I'd marry this cheese. Yes, it was that good.

And so I leave you with this quote from the Love Mug: Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
{Kudos to Shakespeare}

Saint Valentine, pray for us!

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