Sunday, April 26, 2015


This Easter was Felicity's first, and we were so excited to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord as a family! I had so much fun putting together a little Easter basket for her!  She received play silks (which I dyed) for her enjoyment, hair bows for her ever growing mane, and socks for her feet (also ever growing)!

Play silks! (Excuse the wrinkles...)

Easter basket...Butterfly (a symbol of the Resurrection) & Anchor (Christian symbol of hope) socks!

A happy girl on Easter morn!

We went to the Vigil Mass in order to wake up bright and early for our annual Easter morning picnic.  We did, however, break into the picnic basket a little early, for a post Vigil snack of scones and mimosas!

This Easter picnic was especially exciting because it was on a boat! We went to Chalco Lake and feasted upon white chocolate raspberry scones, cherries, and breakfast sandwiches.  The morning was very still and calm, and altogether quite lovely. Felicity, who already has an affinity for the outdoors, seemed to enjoy herself immensely!

We were very cautious and stayed close to the shore.

Later we got together with the entire Lowman clan for another picnic at a different lake, complete with an Easter egg hunt, Easter baskets galore from Grandma, and of course good food and company!

With Grandma!

Cousin fun!

The feistiest girl!

Happy Easter from the Lowmans!!!!

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